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rainbow road to hell

Have you ever attended a Hell House or visited The Creation Museum? Did your childhood education involve Abeka and Awana? Do you still harbor a homoerotic crush on Bibleman? Are you wondering what the fuck we’re talking about right now?

How Gay Thou Art is a comedy podcast about growing up queer, Christian, and hella confused! Join your hosts - Clint & Jey - as they deep dive into the weirdest parts of evangelical culture.

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Episode 15 - BS at VBS | Vacation Bible School

Summer is coming to a close and that means it's time to reflect on the time spent at VBS every summer of our childhoods! We're deep-diving on the history, curricula and characters behind the most popular Vacation Bible Schools in America. You'll never guess who we find along the way... (HINT: it's not Tim LaHaye!)


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An Image of Clint wearing Heart-Shaped glasses and a black mesh shirt

Clint Keller

he/him | bisexual heathen | secular theologian | former independent fundamental baptist | recovering homeschooler | appalachian ex-pat | ukulele maestro | phan

Meet Your hosts

We met on a film set at the world's largest Baptist university in 2015. Jey had just left a cult; Clint had just gotten divorced. Neither of us had any idea what would come next.

After collaborating on a slew of creative projects, we graduated and went our separate ways, beginning the quest of discovering our true selves outside of Christianity. It only took a few years, a lot of therapy, and countless friends-with-benefits to figure out.

Now we've joined forces once again to re-examine the wild world of Evangelical pop culture we fought so hard to escape. This podcast is a love letter to our younger (obliviously) queer selves and everyone still torn between religion and authenticity.

We chose to approach evangelical pop culture from a queer perspective because, first and foremost, it’s a reflection of who we are. But we also believe it’s important to have queer voices addressing these topics because we are so often completely absent from the conversation. With the increasing hostility and vitriol aimed at the LGBTQAI+ community, now is the time to begin exploring how the culture and media of evangelicalism causes direct harm to marginalized communities and the world as a whole.

Come fellowship with us. We promise it's more fun than church.

An inage of Jey with a rainbow buzzcut, blue eyebrows, and a moth sternum tattoo

Jey Austen

they/them | everyone's favorite bottom | former evangelical, baptist, and episcopalian | y'allternative texan | christian school student body president | web witch | internet darling

Story Submissions

Laugh through the pain with us by submitting your own stories about the Evangelical world! Come on, you know something wild went down at VBS that one year. We’re dying to hear about it.

Submissions will be featured on the mainline pod or as part of our member-exclusive Patreon content!

Hate Mail

This is mainly for the church folks who stumbled onto this god-forsaken website. Send us your outrage. Tell us how persecuted you feel. Submit your unspoken prayer request. We love to see it.

And if you have nice to say, we’ll gladly read that as well. Peace be with you.