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Episode 15 - BS at VBS | Vacation Bible School

Summer is coming to a close and that means it's time to reflect on the time spent at VBS every summer of our childhoods! We're deep-diving on the history, curricula and characters behind the most popular Vacation Bible Schools in America. You'll never guess who we find along the way... (HINT: it's not Tim LaHaye!)

Episode 14 - Leaving the Rapture Behind | Evangelical Rapture Cinema

Were you traumatized by Left Behind and A Thief in the Night as a kid? Yeah, us too. Join us as we tear apart the enigma of evangelical rapture cinema. We're talking tropes. We're dissecting dialogue. We're finding new reasons to fear barcodes.

Episode 13 - He Who Wrestles for God | The Power Team & Evangelical Wrestling

Did Jesus even lift, bro? Nobody knows but we do have the deets on evangelical wrestling, The Power Team, and Buff Jesus. LET’S GET RIPPED!

Episode 12 - God's Not Dead But Art Is | Christian Cinema

On this season finale episode we're talking movies, movies, movies. But not just any movies - evangelical masterpieces of cinema. We watched all four God's Not Dead films so you don't have to! Join us as we take a trip to an alternate reality where Christians in America are a persecuted minority, public schools sell condoms to 2nd graders, and disavowing god is a college course requirement. Action!

Episode 11 - Wow! That's What I Call Music | Contemporary Christian Music

Calling all Barlow Girls! We have a a question for you - what’s worse than ska? Answer: Christian ska. That’s right, on this episode, we’re diving deep into Contemporary Christian Music AKA CCM. Join us as we learn where it came from, where it’s going, and why it sucks. Spoiler - Larry Norman actually slaps.

Episode 10 - What the [Wow]? | Movie Filtering and Censorship

Clint & Jey are cleaning up their act to study TVGuardian, CleanFlicks, ClearPlay, Plugged In, and more! That's right. We're talking Christian and Mormon movie filtering and media censorship. It's going to be one [heck] of a time!

Episode 9 - A Demon's Nightmare | Chick Tracts

May we interest you in our lord and savior Jack Chick? That’s right, on this episode, we’re taking a tour of the spooky underbelly of evangelism - Chick Tracts. From “A Demon’s Nightmare” to “Holy Joe,” this is going to be one hell of a ride. We read over 250 of these bad boys so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Episode 8 - Seventeen Again | Christian Teen Magazines

You think print media is dead? Think again. Much like our lord and savior JC, Christian teen magazines have been resurrected after a brief vacay in purgatory. Today we're focusing our gaze upon Focus on the Family's youth mags of past and present - Brio, Breakaway, Clubhouse, and of course, Clubhouse Jr. Join us as we relive all the thrills of being an evangelical teen from the fun quizzes to the rampant homophobia!

Episode 7 - Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed | Midweek Bible Clubs

"Youth! On the March!" - if you know where that catchphrase comes from, we're sorry. On today's episode, we are diving deep into the world of Awana and various other midweek Bible clubs like The Pioneers and Christian Service Brigade. I hope you brushed up on your verse memorization! You think you're the better Christian? Prove it. Let me see you pins.

Minisode 1 - Chosen Family Force 5 | Conversion Movie

For our very first minisode, we're responding to a voice submission from a listener & discussing the upcoming documentary Conversion.

Episode 6 - I Kissed Waiting Goodbye | Purity Culture

We tried pawning our purity rings but apparently they aren't worth anything. On this episode, we're tackling purity culture, Christian dating, and all of those horrible Christian relationship advice books. Get ready to learn why we kissed "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" goodbye. We've even got a few pick-up lines for you to try on your next trip to the mall.

Episode 5 - Christian Camp Makeout Champ | Evangelical Summer Camps

Summer camp, an American right of passage where kids go to find themselves. It’s that first taste of independence, it’s navigating new social situations, it’s experiencing puppy love for the first time - unless you go to an Evangelical Christian summer camp, that is. You aren't here to find yourself; you're here to find god. Join us as we show you everything a summer camp should not be. Forget preparing for adulthood. It's time to prepare for ETERNITY.

Episode 4 - Covenant Spice & Everything Nice | Christian Sex Toys

Evangelicals have gotten into the sex toy game and it's just as bad as we imagined. Join us as we explore church-approved dildos, Christian "erotica," and the company with the worst sex advice on the planet... Apparently, Jesus is a bit like Santa Clause. He sees you when you're masturbating; he knows when you watch porn.

Episode 3 - ABC, 123, Jesus Loves Me | Christian Curriculum

Who’s ready to go back to school? On this episode, we’re tackling conservative Christian school curriculum from publishers like Abeka and BJU Press. Join us as we dive into a topsy-turvy world where The Great Depression never happened, dragons are real, and numbers work completely differently (yes, Evangelicals even have their own math). Pull up your britches, kids. This one's a doozy.

Episode 2 - Scared Straight | Hell Houses

Sure, most people have been to a Halloween haunted house attraction, but have you ever been to a Hell House? Join us as we dig into the darkest depths of these weird little Evangelical haunted house knock-offs. We even have some dramatic readings for your listening pleasure. It's about to get spooky, y'all!

Episode 1 - Missionary Lizards | Young Earth Creationism

In this episode, we're digging up a story 6,000 years in the making as we explore Young Earth Creationism, Answers in Genesis, and everyone's favorite dino daddy - Ken Ham. Rawr!

Episode 0 - In The Beginning | Origin Stories

Everyone loves a good origin story, right? Get to know your hosts - Clint & Jey - as they tell you all about their bizarre Evangelical childhoods. There's no research to be found here. It's pure anecdote bb.


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